Special attention is always given to each and every pet and you can be assured that they will be handled with care.

Our Groomers

Amy is a graduate of the Wisconsin School of Professional Pet Grooming and has been grooming dogs and cats for the last 23 years.

Alexis has been grooming for three years. She began as a bather, and quickly learned how to groom by apprenticing. She enjoys attending grooming shows and seminars, and is committed to growing into a better pet professional. She is AKC Safety Certified and C.P.R. Certified.

Grooming Rates

  • Bath prices include all the same choices without the cut.
  • Bath prices start at just $25 and are determined by the size of your pet
  • Full grooming prices start at $40
  • Cat grooming includes bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and brush out or full clip.
  • Lion cuts are available!
  • Cat grooming starts at $40.

Full groomings include a spa bath, anal gland expression, conditioning treatment, full blow dry, nail trim, ear plucking and cleaning, and the professional cut of your choice.

Premium shampoos and conditioners are always used and every pet will go home looking and smelling their best. Bows, nail polish and bandanas are always free!

For the safety of all our guests your pets will be checked for fleas upon check-in. If fleas are detected we will give your pet a flea bath at your expense. Please remember to apply a monthly flea and tick product recommended by your veterinarian at least a week before boarding your pets. Prices for flea baths will be based on the size of your pet.

A la carte Services

  • Toe nail trim $15
  • Anal gland expressions $10
  • Ear cleaning and/or plucking $5 to $10
  • Skunk baths are an additional $10 to $20 depending on the size of your pets.
Please respect your grooming appointment time

Being as little as 10 minutes late can result in a need to reschedule.


A less than 24-hour cancellation notice WILL RESULT in a $25 charge added to your next groom.

No Call/No Show

If it is your pet's first appointment with us, you may not re-book an appointment.

  • 1st Offense: Requires owner to sign our No-Call/No-Show policy.
  • 2nd Offense: Requires $25 cancellation fee. Payment can be made at the time of next scheduled appointment.
  • 3rd Offense: We will not schedule another grooming appointment for you.

As much as we enjoy and are passionate about making your dogs look their best, this is a business.

We respect our clients and give their pets the utmost care so please respect our policies.

Thank You!

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