Our Staff

What's your favorite thing about working at Country Roads?


Alexis – Groomer
"Being able to meet so many new dogs!"
Alexis has two rescue dogs, a hunky boxer named Jasper and a super mutt named Hank. She enjoys kayaking & outdoor adventures, creating wood burned art, and always continuing education to become a better pet professional!


Alexis – Kennel Technician
"No day can ever truly be a bad day here because there's always a wagging tail and a wet kiss waiting for you around every corner."
Alexis has two rescue dogs: Nala(lab mix) and Chico(husky mix). She enjoys hiking and adventuring with her dogs, kayaking and getting crafty.


Sierra – Kennel Technician
"My favorite thing about working here is playing with the dogs."
Outside of work I enjoy going on hikes, swimming and being with my friends.


Kayla – Kennel Technician
"My favorite thing about working here is getting to spend time with all the awesome dogs. So many of them are so sweet."
Kayla loves fishing, art and traveling!


Kevin – Kennel Technician
"The best thing about working at Country Roads is being able to be around the diversity of personalities of all the dogs, from tiny Yorkies to huge St Bernard's. But also being around like minded people, the staff here is fantastic."
Kevin currently has a somewhat crazy Sheltie, Mabel. He enjoys Frisbee with Mabel, pencil drawing and biking.


Jenna – Kennel Technician
"My favorite part about working at Country Roads Kennel is the dogs! I know that’s a basic answer but it’s true, I love dogs so much and working with them is amazing! I love meeting different dogs every day and getting to know them and their unique personalities! As well as seeing my favorite dogs again!"
I have 3 dogs and 2 cats! I have a pug/dachshund mix named Prince, a beagle/rat terrier named Sadie, and a black lab named Lila. I have a black and white cat named Ammo and a black cat named Winston. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, read, draw and create different art projects, and play video games.


Angela – Kennel Technician
"Being at Country Roads hardly ever feels like work. Spending time with each dog(and cat!) makes everyday enjoyable and rewarding!"
I have 3 cats, and an Irish wolfhound/ lab mix named Winston! I like playing piano, being in the water, going camping, and traveling!