Our Staff

What's your favorite thing about working at Country Roads?


Wendy Scott – Kennel Manager
"When a nervous dog warms up to me and we become buddies!"
Wendy has two Akitas - Mickey and Kita, one Mastiff - Echo, and two cats- Archer and Chip. She enjoys photography, sewing, camping and movies.


Carly Treinen – Kennel Technician
"Being able to learn more about animal behavior and communicate with people who share my passion."
Carly has two dogs - Moses (Sheltie mix) and Jonah (Jack Russel mix) and one Fish - Dean Finchester. She enjoys photography, reading, dog sports, working with the 4-H dog project, Pentatonix concerts, listening to music and singing.


Katie Bergs - Groomer
"Everything. If I had to choose, making dogs look their very best."
Katie has one dog - Pistol (Black Lab), one cat - Sassi and two ferrets - Monkey and Heuy. She enjoys playing with animals, being outdoors and loves to go camping when she can.


Madeline Rasmussen – Kennel Technician
"Each day I get to meet a new dog or cat and I learn their personalities as they learn to trust me."
Madeline has two cats - Barkley and Baby Kitty, one horse - Ivy (Arabian/Appaloosa) and one alpaca - Cuzco. She loves creating art, fishing, canoeing, being outdoors and eating yummy food!


Marissa Vera – Kennel Technician
"Being with all the different personalities of dogs and cats. Also working with an amazing crew."
Marissa has two dogs - Chy Chy (Whippet mix) and Bonzi (Boxer mix). She enjoys being with my little family, fur babies and boyfriend. She also loves to cook!


Melissa Crider – Bather
"I get to pretend every client is my own; laughing at their funny antics and getting hugs and kisses keeps me from becoming a hoarder, though some would argue I am. Haha."
Melissa has seven cats, seven dogs and a piggy named Suey. She enjoys coaching softball, camping and hiking.


Serena Thompson – Kennel Technician
"Getting to escape the world and laugh and play with the dogs/cats."
Serena one dog – Drax ( Norwegian Elkhound), one cat - Jinx ( Balinese) and two fish Aboo and Raja (Betas). She likes to hunt and fish. Enjoys walking and playing with my dog and teaching my cat tricks.


Tess Albrecht – Kennel Technician
"Playing with the dogs."
Tess has three dogs - King (Pitbull), Charlie (Sharpei Mix) and Cooper (Pitbull Mix), three cats - Nala, Grace and Sebastian, one rabbit - Stella (Netherland Dwarf), two snakes - Aries (Yellow Belly Ball Python) and Draco (California King Snake), two lizards - David (Leopard Gecko) and Natsu (African Fire Skink), and one hedgehog - Rosie. She enjoys going for walks with her dogs, reading and playing with her pets.